Cover Indian Beadwork by Robert Hofsinde
Indian Beadwork, by Robert Hofsinde (Gray-Wolf)
A Signette from New American Library, 1971, 93 pages, softbound

This pocket-format paperback shows various kinds of Indian-style beadwork projects, ranging from belts, necklaces and headbands to bracelets, knife sheaths and bags, among others, and using and illustrating techniques such as loomwork and a bit of embroidery. Considering when it was published and its small size, it packed a surprising amount of information.

1 Copy (Used) $4.00

Cover Beads Plus Macrame by Grethe La Croix
Beads Plus Macrame, by Grethe La Croix

Little Craft Book Series, by Sterling Publishing, 1971, 48 pages, hardbound
Translated from Draad en Kralen, published in 1969 by Cantecleer De Bilt, the Netherlands

La Croix covers making a bead collage, netting in the round, hexagonal mats, plus using macrame and embroidery stitches in connection with beads. This book was one of the leading books in the early 1970s for stretching people's concepts of what could be done with beadwork.

1 Copy (Used) $10.00 OUT OF PRINT


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