Istanbul Bead and Beadwork Conference Proceedings

2007 International Bead & Beadwork Conference. Rezan Has Museum, Istanbul, Turkey. 360 pp., 495 color figs.

The Proceedings of the Istanbul Bead and Beadwork Conference are available from the Rezan Has Museum of Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

Given the difficulty many people have had in ordering a copy of these Proceedings, I have decided to bring in copies to distribute. Only about 500 were originally printed. Seventy-five were sent to the CSB in August. One box of 17 of those went astray and the rest were mailed to customers. Kadir Has has now sent me an additional 50 copies, of which 16 remain. Six or seven of those are spoken for with checks supposedly on the way.

I am selling the Proceedings for $72 to U.S. customers, $80 to Canada and Mexico customers, and $91 to overseas customers. This price includes all shipping to the United States, the cost of the books, and shipping to the customers, with a very small profit for the CSB to account for the energies of trying to get the books here. (I'm mostly hoping at this point that I don't lose money doing this.)

Payment for the Proceedings may be made in U.S. dollars via check, money order, or via PayPal to csb at europa dot com. If you choose to use PayPal, I will need you to add the PayPal fee of 5% as my budget for these books does not include enough slack to cover PayPal charges.

I do not believe they plan to reprint these books in English any time soon. If they do reprint, their first option will be to do a Turkish-language edition for their local market.

Contact Alice Scherer at csb at europa dot com for more information or to check on the status of your order.

A List of Speakers and Their Papers

Dr. Jonathan Mark KenoyerStone Beads in Ancient South Asia 7000 to 600 B.C.
Dr. Şeniz AtikA Series of Mycenaean Glass Beads from Lindos
Dr. Necla Sevin and
Dr. Veli Sevin
Eastern Anatolian Beads in the Light of Van Excavations
Dr. James LanktonHow does a bead mean? An archaeologist's perspective
Mrs. Maud SpaerBeads from the Kingdom of Hazor
Jamey D. AllenMistaken Identity: The Misrepresentation of Beads in the Antiquities Marketplace
Dr. Christopher DonnanMoche Beads from Ancient Peru
Margret CareyAfrican-made Glass Beads [Garden-Roller Beads]
Caroline Jean NichollsAustralian Aboriginal Beads from Around 40,000 B.P. to Pre-European Settlement [1788]
Lois Sherr DubinThe Good, The Bad and the Evil Eye Bead: A New Look at Eye Beads Throughout History
Elaine Robnett MooreMessengers from the Past, Ambassadors to the Future
Adelheid "Heidi" MunanRitual and Value Beads of Borneo's Indigenous People
Sara WithersThe Studies of A.J. Arkell on the Movement of Beads in the Anglo Egyptian Sudan in the 1930s
Dr. Alok Kumar KanungoThe Impact of Social and Political Change on the Use of Beads Among the Konyaks of Nagaland, India
Amanda Gilvin and
Nomoda E. Djaba (Cedi)
Gender, Education, and Aesthetic Change in the Krobo Bead Industry
Frederick Bourguet ChavezThe Japanese Multimetal Ojime Bead
Jamey D. AllenTrade Beads: The Manufacture and Movement of Beads in Recent History, from C.E. 1400 to 1950
Stefany TomalinRealistic Replicas, Ingenious Imitations, Fantastic Fakes! Collecting Brazen Copies in the World of Beads
Torben SodeTraditional Glass Bead Making in Turkey
Cemal CingiThe Nature and Art of Turkish Evil-Eye Beads
Kathleen DustinThe Early Development of Polymer Clay Beadmaking
Emiko SawamotoA Nail That Sticks Up
Joyce HollowayThe Effects and Counter Effects of the Internet on the Marketing and Collecting of Beads
Katie AndersonThe Peter Francis Jr. Archival Collection at the Bead Museum: Its Scope and Content
Joyce J. Scott21st Century
Ethem ÇelikProducts of Patience: Contemporary Turkish Prisoner Beadwork
Gülten Kurt and
Professor Tevhide Özbagi
Needle Beadworks in Konya-Seydişehir
Dr. Adele Rogers ReckliesTurkish Prisoner-of-War and Balkan Beadwork
Jane KimballTurkish Prisoner of War Inscribed Beadwork of the Great War
Miriam MilgramEthnographic Perspectives on the Use of Seed Beads in Balkan Textile Folk Art: 3 Case Studies
Widad KawarEthnographic Beads and Necklaces in the Middle East
Dr. Melda ÖzdemirThe Use of Beads in Turkish Handwork Products
Dr. Çigdem ÇiniThe Embellished World of Anatolian Women, or The Talismanic Power of Beads
Dr. Serife AtlihanThe Beads on the Woven Girdles of Anatolia
Dr. Zübeyde Cihan ÖzsayinerBead Embroidered Calligraphy Panels Located in the Collection of the Waqf Museum of the Turkish Art of Calligraphy
Frank JollesEvolving Relationships: Zulu Beadwork in the Second Half of the 20th Century
Margret CareyTwo Puzzles in African Beadwork
Dr. Juliette Leeb-du ToitDeciphering the Zulu Love Letter ('Ucu): Readings from the 1950s That Challenge Popular Stereotypes in the Present
Dr. Kate DuncanBeads, Blossoms and Dancing Boots: Subarctic Athapaskan Beadwork and Identity
Dr. Carole MorrisEarly 17th Century English Beadwork Purses
Karlis KarklinsSouvenir Beadwork of the Six Nations Iroquois, North America
Elena S. YurovaRussian Beadwork in Connection with Russian History
Valerie HectorRespect and Cherish Written Words: Interpreting Inscriptions in Mainland Chinese Beadwork from the Ming Dynasty to the Present Day
Dr. Hwei-Fe'n CheahBetween East and West: Peranakan Chinese Beadwork from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Heidi (Adelheid) MunanThe End Users-Beadwork Culture of the Dayaks of Borneo
David ChattTwo Hands, Twenty Years, and A Billion Beads: My Career and the Question of Time

The Addendum

The one paper included in the addendum (eight pages) is Dr. Necla Sevin and Dr. Veli Sevin's paper Eastern Anatolian Beads in the Light of Van Excavations (also titled Eastern Anatolian Beads Through the Ages). It was accidentally left out of the printing of the Proceedings. Because many of the copies of the Addendum sent to me for distribution were damaged in the shipping process, my contact at Kadir Has has sent me a CD with a PDF of the Addendum on it. Due to the fact that the original PDF is 70MB in size, which I have saved to between 4 and 5 MB, I have decided to add it to this page and people can download it from here. Click here to view and save Dr. Necla Sevin and Dr. Veli Sevin's paper. The benefit of having the PDF, I've noticed, is that one can really zoom in on the beads and take an extremely close look at them.

A Note Regarding Page Numbers

Due to the haste with which this book was put together, there were no page numbers noted. I have put page numbers in my copy and on the tables of contents. I offer here a Word document specifying what the page numbers ought to be, so that we are as consistent as possible across various copies. Click here to open a PDF of my Word document.

Additional information on speakers

The following individuals' papers are printed in the Proceedings, but they did not speak at the conference:
Joyce J. Scott and Frank Jolles

The following person spoke but did not turn in a paper for publication:
Valerie Hector

The following person spoke but her paper was not accepted for publication:
Jasleen Damija

The following individuals are listed in the table of contents of the Proceedings, but did not deliver papers or speak:
Akachi Odoemene, Alice Scherer, Marilee Wood, Phumzile Dlamini, and Carol Kaufmann

The following individuals' papers were printed and were delivered at the conference by people other than the writers, who did not attend:
Dr. Hwei-Fe'n Cheah, Heidi Munan, and Joyce Holloway

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