Payment Accepted by Check or PayPal
At this time, I do not accept payment by credit or debit card. I do, however, accept payment via PayPal and you may use credit or debit that way. Please let me know if you can pay via PayPal. If so, I will bill you as soon as we figure out your bill.

Reserving an Item
Given the limited availability of many of these items, the first order by postmark, answer machine date, or email date will receive the item. You may email your order to csb@europa.com, then follow that order with a check or money order to PO Box 13719, Portland, OR 97213. Please make checks or money orders out to CSB. If paying by PayPal, I will send you a bill. This will secure your claim to an item in the queue for one week. When ordering by phone message or snail mail, please include your email address, should I have any problems concerning your order.

Shipping Charges U.S.
To have an item sent to you by US Post 4th Class (Book Rate), please include $3.50 for the first book or slide kit, $1.50 per additional, and $1.50 per pack of postcards. If only ordering postcards, only $1.50 per packet needs be sent. If ordering only the Bead Cabinet plans, please include a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope rather than send postage money.

Shipping Charges Non-U.S.
If ordering from outside the United States, I will need to weigh your potential order and tell you a shipping charge.

Charges do not include insurance. If you want insurance, please add $2.50 to your order. We are not responsible for orders that go astray that are not insured.

Delivery Time
Please allow three to six weeks for delivery.


Center for the Study of Beadwork • PO Box 13719 • Portland, OR 97213
Phone: 503-655-3078 • Email: csb@europa.com
Director: Alice Scherer

Important note: Emails with nothing in the subject line are automatically dropped into the Deleted Items folder.
Please note in the subject line what you are contacting the CSB about.

This page last updated 02/10/05