Cover Arizona Highways July 1971 Arizona Highways
July 1971

This issue hosts the article The Enduring Intrigue of the Glass Trade Bead, written by Cloyd Sorensen. This article is 24 pages long and includes many full-color photographs of trade beads and beadwork, historical data relating to trade in the West, the Hubbell Trading Post, and archival illustrations of Western Indians.

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Cover Fiberarts November/December 1992 Fiberarts November/December 1992

This includes the cover story by Alice Scherer on the "contemporary beadwork as an art form" movement, which came out in time for the release of The New Beadwork. Four artists are covered in her story: Jacqueline Lillie of Vienna, Austria, Ed Derwent of Chicago, Carlos Cobos of New Mexico, and Jeanne Leffingwell of Moscow, Idaho. The work ranges from delicate jewelry to wall pieces, and up to huge wall and ceiling sculptures. A generous sampling of photographs clearly illustrate the various artists' work. Additionally, a portfolio of contemporary beadwork followed this article and included the work of Elizabeth Bertuccio, Peggy Kendellen, Valerie Hector, Joyce Scott, Joanne Laessig, Lindsay Obermeyer, Sherry Hart, Mimi Holmes, Jeanette Ahlgren, Eve and Dan King-Lehman, Jeannine Goreski, and Caroline Prince Batchelor. And finally, the contemporary beadwork articles are followed by an article on Beaded Moccasins of the Plateau Tribes, by Benson Lanford. Definitely more beadwork in one issue of Fiberarts than was seen before or since!

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Cover Fiberarts January/February 1995 Fiberarts
January/February 1995

This includes Alice Scherer's article Jeanette Ahlgren: Explorations in Color. Ahlgren's luminous use of clear and opaque seed beads shows a masterful control of both the benefits of glass beads and the difficulties inherent in using them. Her loom-woven basket forms are strong, magical, and utterly inspiring.

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Cover Lapidary Journal Bead Issue 1996 Lapidary Journal
Bead Issue 1996

Included is an article about getting into the bead business and the pitfalls and requirements; jewelry of the Berbers of North Africa; Bullseye Glass Company of Portland, Oregon; beadwork of the Huichol; blown Venetian glass beads; a bead society and organization roster; and the work of Suzanne Stern, Wendy Ellsworth, Robert Aurelius, Budd Mellichamp, Donna Milliron, Carol Wilcox Wells, Anton Leuenberger, and Robert Burkett. Included among the projects are a woven "Y" necklace; a floral fantasy purse in beadwork; using contemporary glass beads; a hollow beaded bead, with tubular necklace, in beadwork; setting up a glass bead-making studio; making face canes in polymer; a puffed hollow heart bead (glass); a netted covering for beads; a necklace of crinoid stems; a flower necklace of polymer; and weaving beads with chain.

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Cover Lapidary Journal Bead Issue 1997 Lapidary Journal
Bead Issue 1997

Articles on the work of David Chatt, Susan Gifford-Knopp, Lydia Borin, Tana Acton, Carol Webb, Helga Seimel, Amy Kahn, Leah Fairbanks, Shimon Kahloun, Brian Kerkvliet, Dean Webb and Bryon Prokopowich (Pan Geo), Christine Bricely; the Japanese Embroidery Center in Dunwoody, Georgia; Ettagale Blauer's Imagery in Beads and Paint, on the work of the Ndebele; projects on making glass pendants, autumn leaves from polymer clay, a woven chain necklace by Diane Fitzgerald, an advanced seed bead necklace project by Sharon Bateman, and other projects; plus the usual roundup of bead societies and events from around the country.

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Cover Threads Magazine February/March 1992 Threads
February/March 1992

This issue includes the article "Buttons and Beads: Bake your own from polymer clay", by Barbara Hjort, and includes how to make checkerboard or mosaic beads.

It also includes articles on fitting surplice garments; transferring designs to a grid to allow for knitting, or beadwork, or other craft forms; making a futon mattress; a wildly-pleated jacket design by Lois Ericson; Japanese cushions; copying a Schiaparelli dress; piecing perfect points (quilting); matching threads to sewing projects; corrugated knitting (sweater); lining a tailored jacket by the "bagging" method; binding in separately knitted hems and pockets on knitted work; wedding gown advice from a New York designer; needle lace using buttonhole and twist stitches; and knitted snowmobile helmets.

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