Slide Kits

The Center for the Study of Beadwork offers slide kits in lieu of catalogs for each of the shows it mounted in 1989-'90. Each kit consists of twenty slides with documentation of the images. When possible, a suggested reading list is included.

February 2-April 29, 1989Postcard from the A Moment in Africa Show
A Moment in Africa: One Man's Collection of Beadwork From 1975-'77

Portland-area geologist Al Waibel traveled through east Africa, collecting ethnographica from the local peoples who were being urged strongly by the Kenyan government and the Christian missionaries to give up their traditional material, preferably by burning it. Although this slide kit features work primarily from the Wakambas of Kenya, there are also Tugan and Abalua pieces. Work pictured includes four baskets, three aprons, two armbands, a contemporary belt, four neckpieces, a beaded gourd top, and a photograph of Kavithe, wife of Mutiso wa Ngoso, the woman who made many of these pieces over the course of her long life.

Availability: Ongoing, $20

May 18-July 29, 1989Postcard from the Contemporary Beaded Bags Show
Contemporary Beaded Bags

This slide kit includes the work of peyote-stitchers John Binzley, Sylvia Becker, Helen Rogers and Pat Poole, loom-weaver Barbara Ann Volk, applied-stitchers Gayl Bousman, Donna Wasserstrom and Wendy Ellsworth, crocheter Gail Jacobson, and wire-and-bead worker, the late Betty Brenner. This is an altogether wonderful and spritely kit with some really lively work.

Availability: Ongoing, $20

August 3-October 28, 1989Postcard from the Selections from the Collection Show
Selections from the Collection of the Center for the Study of Beadwork

There were so many neat things in the collection, it was hard to choose what to exhibit. I selected an East Indian fan (circa 1890s), an English teapot- or clock-stand, two beaded footstools, an ostrich eggshell belt, three Cameroonian cache-sexes, a French powder case and three needlecases, a Victorian-era notebook, three beaded bags, two Afghani hair ornaments and a dress ornament, a Solomon Islands shell armband, an Indonesian skirt, a Mexican festival blouse, an Indonesian bridal chamber decoration, an Ndebele dance wand, a bead painting by Nigerian artist Jimoh Buraimoh, a jet-beaded vest c. 1890, and several pages from ladies magazines of the early 20th century. All but the pages and one cache-sexe have been included in the slide kit. Many of these pieces are now in the collection of The Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona.

Availability: Ongoing, $20

November 2, 1989-January 27, 1990Postcard from the Great Scott!! Show
Great Scott!!

Baltimore performing/visual artist Joyce J. Scott was the first and only artist to have a one-person show at the CSB. Her work is both whimsical and serious, dealing with subjects such as race relations, nuclear holocaust, rape, and the place of women in society. This slide kit illustrates several examples of her narrative necklaces including Run Down on the Highway of Love. In addition to the eleven necklaces pictured, the kit includes slides of one pair of earrings and six sculptural pieces. This kit has proven to be the most popular among the five currently offered.

Availability: Ongoing, $20

February 1-April 28, 1990Postcard from the Well-Dressed Horse Show
The Well-Dressed Horse

Curated by Mariana Mace of Corvallis, Oregon, The Well-Dressed Horse focused on a particular segment of western Native American culture: the adornment of its method of transportation. Included in this kit are photos of pad saddles, saddle blankets, horse collars, saddlebags and cruppers. Pieces pictured were borrowed from private collectors Benson L. Lanford and the late Harold A. Stroup, the Portland Art Museum (Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection), and the Denver Museum of Natural History.

Availability: Ongoing, $20

Beadwork Postcards

For each show, the Center for the Study of Beadwork offered commemorative postcards of a piece from the exhibit. All postcards are 5x7" and each packet includes twenty postcards. The images next to the slide kits above are the images on the postcard for that show. Only the one from the African show is no longer available. Please specify which show you want cards from or whether you'd like a mixed pack of five each. Cards sold only in packets of 20.

Crummy Picture, Neat Bead Cabinet
Bead Cabinet Plans

In the early issues of Notes from a Beadworker's Journal, I offered Bead Cabinet Plans which were inspired by observing the terrific job Martin Kilmer did building one for himself. He has kindly allowed me to create and offer these plans as a CSB fundraiser. Plans are for a 24" deep x 37" wide x 46-1/2" high cabinet with 25 drawers and include photographs of the finished cabinet and partial progress. The cost is $5.


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