Heavy Rotation [Evidence ECD-26115]
August 2001, Available on CD

"If Little Walter had lived another 20 years, we might have heard similar sounds. You could take the other top five harp-playing bluesmen active today and, even combined, their talents couldn't match deLay's." --Real Blues Magazine

Bluesman/harmonica ace Paul deLay and his longtime Northwest Band collaborate on what Paul thinks may be his finest collection yet. No special guests, few overdubs, this is the raw, swinging truth of the band as its fans know it live. [Liner Notes]

Over Money, So Near, Givin' Up The Body, Remember Me, Love Grown Cold, Wealthy Man, It Isn't Easy Being Big, I'll Quit You Tomorrow, Jimmy Jones, Ain't Feelin' That Love No More, Rainy Marie, Bess & Ernie's Rib Joint, In The Pocket, Cat's Away [Lyrics] [Paul's notes on the songs]

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Kid Ramos: Greasy Kid Stuff [Evidence ECD-26117]
featuring Paul deLay, Charlie Musselwhite, Rod Piazza and other special guests

September 2001, Available on CD

featuring Paul deLay, Charlie Musselwhite, Rich Estrin,
James Harman, Rod Piazza and other special guests

Fans of Paul deLay, and blues harmonica more generally, should check out this recent release by Fabulous Thunderbirds guitar ace, Kid Ramos. On this CD, Ramos continues the trend set on his last two releases-"Kid Ramos" and "West Coast House Party"-by rounding up a veritable "who's who" of contemporary blues harmonica, including Paul deLay (who wrote and performs on two selections), Johnny Dyer, Rick Estrin, James Harman, Charlie Musselwhite, Rod Piazza and Lynwood Slim. The result is a superb, stripped down performance that recalls early Chicago blues in the style of Jimmy Rogers, and early Muddy Waters. [Kid Ramos bio]

Songs Greasy Kid Stuff, Chicken Hearted Women, Charlie's Old Highway 51 Blues, Say What You Mean, Baby, I Don't Care Who Knows, It's Hot In Here, Devil's Foot, Low Down Woman, Hold Me Tenderly, Marion's Mood, Rich Man's Woman (On A Poor Man's Pay), Gratitude Is Riches (And Complaint Is Poverty), Ain't Gonna Holler, That's What She Hollered, Country Woman, Mean Ol' Lonesome Train, Harmonica Hangover

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deLay Does Chicago [Evidence ECD-26101]
January 1999 Available on CD

"Like the city that inspired it, this album is vibrant, diverse, and parties hard."
- Niles Frantz, September 1998

Bluesman/harmonica ace Paul deLay pays homage to his Windy City mentors on this CD, recorded in Chicago with the Rockin' Johnny Burgin Band (courtesy of Delmark Records) and special guests Jimmy Dawkins (courtesy of Ichibahn Records) and Zora Young. Featuring 12 deLay originals, and superb harmonica work by the Big Man, this recording is the one that hard core blues/harmonica fans have been waiting for. [Liner Notes] [Press Release]

Beautiful Bones, Brave Woman, All Cried Out, El Train, come On Home, Wait, Ain't Foolin' 'Round, What's Coming Next, Only Me, Great Big Kid, Oak Street Beach [Lyrics]

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Nice & Strong [Evidence ECD-26091]
January 1998 Available on CD

"You cannot listen to Paul deLay without having serious revelations about life and blues music. It gets you on two levels: the stripped-down raw honesty of his lyrics and his absolutely brilliantly crafted and performed original music. He's so much better than every other blues singer/songwriter/harmonica-player that it's really unfair to compare. Six Stars [highest rating]." - Real Blues Magazine

Featuring ten deLay originals, including the hit,"14 Dollars In The Bank" (nominated for a W.C. Handy Award for Best Song), this CD bends the borders of the blues without breaking them. deLay and band -- Peter Dammann, lead guitar; Dan Fincher, tenor sax; Louis Pain, Hammond organ; John Mazzocco, bass; Mike Klobas, drums -- take the blues into the realm of funk, rock and old-school R&B. This recording further proves why many critics consider deLay the finest modern blues songwriter. (Press release).
Over and Done, Fourteen Dollars In The Bank, Too Old To Scold, Love On A Roll, She Doesn't Work That Way, I'm gonna Miss Talkin' to You, Nice & Strong, What Do You Want In A Man?, I Know You got Another Man, Come On With It

Review by Tony Glover and Review by Larry The Iceman Eisenberg

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Ocean of Tears [Evidence ECD-26079]
September 1996. Available on CD

"One of the strongest batches of original blues tunes to come along in years...Anyone wondering how the blues can transcend its increasingly stale clichés and move into the 21st century should look no further...Paul deLay and his band are creating blues that celebrates roots at the same time it blazes new trails."
- from liner notes by Mark Spangler


Paul deLay's first new recording since his '92 release, Paulzilla. Features 10 originals, most of them penned during his three-year retreat at the Sheridan, Oregon "Club Fed." Rejoined by the core of his old band -- Chicagoan Peter Dammann on guitar, Louis Pain on Hammond organ, and Dan Fincher on saxophone -- with the searing rhythm section of bassist John Mazzocco (formerly with John Lee Hooker and Curtis Salgado) and drummer Mike Klobas (of Lloyd Jones Struggle), deLay breaks new ground. Features a duet with the extraordinary soul/blues vocalist Linda Hornbuckle (who fronted the No Delay Band during deLay's absense), and pianist Janice Scroggins.

Bottom Line, Don't Shame Me, Ocean of Tears, Maybe Our Luck Will Change, Hopefully, If She Is, Slip Stumble Fall, What Went Wrong, Stop Your Groanin', I Win [lyrics]

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Take It From The Turnaround [Evidence ECD-26076] May 1996. Available on CD

"If Little Walter had lived another 20 years, we might have heard similar sounds... These tracks are fascinating, every one a gem...You could take the other top five harp-playing bluesmen active today and, even combined, their talents couldn't match delay's. Six Stars [highest rating] for the ultimate blues CD in terms of virtuosity." - Real Blues, July 96 (complete review ...).

The Paul deLay Band released two masterpieces in the early '90s, Paulzilla and The Other One, which climaxed almost two decades of performing and recording in the Pacific Northwest. Catch up on what you may have missed with this compilation, which takes 19 of the original 22 songs from those watershed CDs.

The Other One:
Merry Way, Ain't That Right, The Other One, Great Round World, Chalk and Roll, Silly Smile, Why Can't You Love Me, Every Woman I Get, Oat Bran, Worn Out Shoe, Second-hand Smoke
Paulzilla: I Can't Quit You No, No Use Worryin', What's The Big Idea?, I Missed You Bad, Lou's Blues, Just This One, Don't Feel Nothin', The Prisoner's Song
Lyrics: The Other One

Lyrics: Paulzilla

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Paulzilla [Criminal 3315] 1992
CD & cassette

deLay finished mixing Paulzilla only days before embarking on his 41-month sabbatical at the Sheridan, OR "Club Fed." On this 1992 recording, his finest effort to that point, deLay continues bending the boundaries of the blues without breaking them. His chromatic harp playing has evolved into a high art form, his writing and composing skills have matured and his singing is better than ever. Declared "Album of the Year" by both the Portland Music Association and Cascade Blues Association.

I Can't Quit You No, No Use Worryin', What's The Big Idea?, I Missed You Bad, The Prisoner's Song, Lou's Blues, Just This One, Beggin' Megan, I Want The Man Gone, You Ain't Got No Heart, Don't Feel Nothin' [Lyrics]

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The Other One [Criminal 3313] 1990
CD & cassette [OUT OF PRINT][Reissued in entirety on Take it From the Turnaround]

"It blew me away." - Jerry Portnoy, harmonica ace with Eric Clapton

"deLay's burning with a brand new fire--he boldly plunges into melodic and rhythmic territory that would send lesser players scurrying for the bunkers."
- The Oregonian

Although he'd been recognized since the early 1980s as one of the greatest living blues harmonica players, it was this 1990 recording that established Paul deLay as a profoundly talented songwriter as well. The Other One's 11 originals---written after deLay's much-publicized drug bust, during his recovery from addiction and in the shadow of a pending trial--showcase deLay's exceptional songwriting talents, unique sense of humor, searing harmonica, brilliant arranging, and seamless band. Winner of the Cascade Blues Association's Muddy Award for Album of the Year.

Merry Way, Ain't That Right, The Other One, Great Round World, Chalk and Roll, Silly Smile, Why Can't You Love Me, Every Woman I Get, Oat Bran, Worn Out Shoe, Second-hand Smoke Lyrics

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Burnin' [Criminal 3306] 1988
vinyl & cassette

This solid blues recording features the debut of talented guitarist Peter Dammann, and the keyboard wizzardry and vocals of Clair Bruce. The "horn section" consists of the finely engineered overdubs of ex-Mayall saxman Chris Mercer. This release reached #20 on the Living Blues chart.

I'm Gonna Stop, You Can Make It If You Try, Tighten Up, Life Is Too Short, Lost In A Dream, Blues In The Night, Three-Handed Woman, I Take What I Want, I Can't Stop, Buzz Me, Paul Train.

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Paul deLay Band [Criminal 3304] 1985
vinyl & cassette

Perhaps the deLay Band's most clasic effort, this release features Northwest gutiar ace Jim Mesi's last collaboration with the group, and guest saxophones by British ex-patriate Chris Mercer. The recording reached #10 on Living Blues magazine charts.

Who Will Be Next, Something's Got A Hold On Me, Havin' That Fun, What A Price, All My Money Gone, At Last I Found A Love, This Old Heart, I Want To Be Loved, Take Me Back Baby, Pink Champagne, Set Me Free

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American Voodoo [Criminal 3301] 1984
cassette only [OUT OF PRINT]

"His incredibly fluid chromatic work is nothing short of genius....a talent that needs to be heard," Delta Snake Blues News, May 1996

deLay's second LP was not only well received in the states, but also reached #2 on the Italian blues charts. Plenty of classic deLay harmonica work with aggressive guitar work by Jim Mesi and keyboards by ex-Robert Cray pianist Dave Stewart.

Mine All Mine, Harpooon Man, Get Yourself Another Fool, Hearbreaker, Cry To Me, Sho' Miss You Baby, Don't Drink, Signed Sealed Delivered, Turn Your Light Down Low, Rode Myself Crazy, Comin' Down With The Blues, Everynight, This Ol' Life.

Teasin' [CR-3303] 1982
cassette only

"...as good a set of rock and roll and swing blues as you'll ever find," Delta Snake Blues News, May 1996

The deLay Band's first recording gave birth to Criminal Records, and the first in a series of sucessful albums by Portland's harp hero. deLay is a Northwest legend, an internationally respected musician, a fine songwriter, and a recognized master of chromatic harmonica techniques. Features guitar wizzard Jim Mesi and former Robert Cray keyboardist Dave Stewart.


My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble, Barefoot Rock, Hold Your Hand, Would You Baby, She's Just Teasin' You, Wham!, Don't Leave Your Daddy At Home, What A Fool, That's How Much You Mean To Me, Alrighty, Baby Please, Down The Line.

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Live At The Roadhouse [Criminal CD02] 1984

Paul deLay Band: Nothing To Go On, Tiger In Your Tank, Who'll Be The Next
Isaac Scott Band: Wrapped Up In Love, Same Old Blues, I Don't Know
Curtis Salgado & Lloyd Jones: In Yo' Face: Cryin Won't Help You, I've Got To Find A Way
Tom McFarland Blues Band: Doghouse Blues, I Am A Witness

"Now, this is a hefty package! There are great performances all over these sets." - from Uncle Ray's Vinyl Scavanger Hunt

Long out of print, the first--and still definitive--anthology of Northwest Blues is now available on compact disc. Recorded in February 1984 at Seattle's legendary, now long-gone Jolly Roger Roadhouse, this classic recording features performances by the region's blues stalwarts: Paul deLay, Curtis Salgado, Isaac Scott, Lloyd Jones, and Tom McFarland. The talent of these musicians who have been playing out of the Northwest, some for more than 20 years, was captured on tape for this historic compilation album. It is the first of its kind to feature only blues and r&b players of the Northwest.

Live At The Roadhouse liner notes...

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Linda Hornbuckle with No Delay
Soul Diva Meets the Blues Monsters (Criminal Records 1994 - CD18)

"Hornbuckle is a big-voiced singer who cuts loose in the finest gospel tradition and brings a dynamic sense of drama to her material. Hornbuckle is not well known outside the Portland area, but she should be. This welcome release should bring increased exposure to a neglected artist." -Living Blues

When the phenomenal vocalist Linda Hornbuckle teamed up in July 1992 with members of the Paul deLay Band---whose leader was then beginning his 41-month sabatical from the music world at Sheridan Federal Penitentiary---the resulting ensemble took the Pacific Northwest by storm, stunning crowds at major festivals and blues venues from Northern California to Vancouver BC, and winning a slew of regional music awards including the Portland Music Association's coveted Crystal Award for Artist of the Year. On Hornbuckle's much-anticipated debut recording, Soul Diva Meets The Blues Monsters, on Portland's independent Criminal Records label, the group puts a compelling, modern spin on a repertoire that ranges from classic blues and gospel-tinged soul to hard-driving blues-funk. [more]

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