Welcome to the Edge of CyberSpace


You've just entered an area of Internet instability, oblique obscurities, and virtual viscosity. A place where people have ventured far beyond the outerlimits of mayhem and out-strecthed the spandex of cyberspace. Underground vortices and wormholes have revealed a kaleidoscope of uncanny subcultures, esoteric topics, and bizarre behaviors. If you choose to explore this aberration of cyberspace, you will enter various dimensions of reality, myth, and illusion: where questions become buried in a vortex of disinformation and answers interpolate presuppositions. As you observe the inherent catalyst, beware lest you too become another CyberSpace Case.

For those who have visited this page before, welcome back. If you are a first time visitor, there is vital information you should know before you race down the information highway and fall into a huge pot hole. A good place to start your journey is the Underground. This page was first created for friends and Web~Heads just starting to surf the Net, but now has evolved into a Tour. I use Java scripts here and there, i.e. Global warming, so enable your JavaScript in your web browser, usually found under options/network preferences/languages.
If you've been around the Web you still may find some useful tips, links, & err stuff. Beware some links lead beyond CyberSpace into uncharted, black diamond areas. Use the "back" button if you need a rope. Set a anchor here by bookmarking this page. Remember, don't take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive anyhow. Well, there was One who did, and I hear He's coming back.
Enjoy your Tour as you explore †h¢ ŒÐGÉ  ¤ƒ  ÇýÞèr§þªçë and Beyond?

Topcis of Interest

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This site was created October 30, 1995.


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