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Below CyberSpace

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Below the depths of Deep Space, live an array of life not common to our world. Where predators become victim and victims become predator at the twinkle of a eye. Creatures who have adapted to their environment in the cloak of darkness. Creatures that dwell in the mysterious world of Bioluminescence-the ability of living things to make their own light. Creatures who maintain their existence in a land void of shadows until their power is displayed.

Bioluminescence - Light produced by living things, is a wonder of our natural world. Thousands of animals and plants in the sea and on the land can glow or sparkle with their own light. Animals, plant life, bacteria produce light by chemical reactions inside special light organs. Luminosa, Scintillans, phosphorea help describe the names of these creatures. Their uncanny glowing display is a mystery. These creatures usually live in places where there is little natural light, or come out only at dusk or when it is dark. Their ability to produce light signals other creatures for pleasure or for survival.

But below the Sea of darkness, hunters stalk the night in search of new game. Their light remains dimmed until their prey are in close proximity, when the time is right, their glow lights up the darkness, blinding their victims, and the luminescent hunter makes the kill. It is here under the black darkness survival is maintained by the code: eat or be eaten.

Notice their unusual appearance is almost prehistoric or maybe Alien:

Alantic Football Fish Red Comb Jelly Fish

Alantic Football Fish ~ Red Comb Jelly Fish
Depth: 330-3,000 ft. ~ 2,000-3,000 ft.

Deep Sea Hatchet Fish
Depth: 1,000-1,600 ft. below Sea level

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