Below The


Sun Light penetrates only a few thousand feet into the depths of this dark world under the Sea. Darkness is the cloak of security and perservation.

Dragon Fish

There is a whole galaxy of flashing and glowing organisms that live beneath the deep ocean, whose ability to create their own light is an essential survival aid in the darkness of the deep sea.

Snake DragonFish
Depth: 4,000 ft.

Gigantactis macronema

Gigantactis Macronema ~ Sloane's Viperfish
Depth: 5,000 ft. ~ 3,000 ft.

Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid
Depth: 1,500-3,000 feet below Sea level

Angler Fish

Deep-Sea Angler Fish
Depth: 3,000 ft.

The Mystery of their glowing displays is still being unraveled, and there is no doubt that there are many luminous creatures still to be discovered. Below these depts, there may be more that glows than fish and plant life.

Deep Sea Cucumber Arrow worm

Deep Sea Cucumber ~ Arrow Worm
Sea Floor @ 1,000 ft. ~ 2,000 ft.

Japanese Firefly Squid
Depth: 1,000 ft.

The funny thing about these creatures:
the average size of these fish are aproximately 3-10".
Scary, huh?