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last update 8/29/99

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Computer tip #1

If you spend too much time on the computer, the eye lids get stuck open...

    I lose track of time  
      when I'm surfing the Net  
        and can spend hours  
          staring at the monitor...  


Not long ago,
after staring at the computer all night,
Dogman called and reminded me to blink.
He said your eyes get stuck open
if you don't blink...

How did he know that?

Now, when kids look at me, they freak.

I put on sun glasses after the initial shock,
and then watch their parents try to figure out what is wrong with their kid.

Syclops doesn't see a problem with it.


Why if only we were all weiner dogs, all our problems would be solved.

Computers are great, but my real job is operating a building. There are different kinds of building operators: stationary, maintenance, hydro, locomotive, scientific, software, and domestic. Engineers are required to know alot, because alot is going on behind the scenes at work. Often we are required to attend classes to update our training, education, or to use equipment. Once, I attended a class for certification to drive a Fork Lift. I learned you should never use your fork on your buttload. Engineers hardly ever win awards, because most people don't understand what we do. When building equipment or machinery breaks down or doesn't work right, we fix it. Sometimes when we explain something, some people just stare; their eyes glaze over, and they get this look ~ like they short circuited their brain. Some people think all we do is "walk around and change lightbulbs". =:o

Operating engineers repair and maintain the electrical, plumbing, boilers, refrigeration, HVAC/R, centrifugal chillers, sterilizers, pneumatics, hydrolics, hydronics, electronics, automatic doors, test and repair fire, life, & safety systems, inspect building contruction & integrity, and many other things you might find in a building. To become an operating engineer involes attending an apprenticeship program for about four years to learn the trade. You work with journeymen during the day, and attend classes during the night. Engineers are trained and updated with the latest electrical codes, CFC regulations, and should know specific equipment operating in their building. We have to know who, what, where, when, how, why, what if, on equipment and if and how it effects other areas of the building. Not something any yahoo can do in a timely manor and save the company money at the same time. There are alot of different systems operating in a building, and the squeaky wheel doesn't always get the oil-sometimes it gets replaced. That means we have to keep a eye on alot of stuff to ensure a building is running efficiently, economically, and comfortably.

Are you bored yet? If I get bored or have extra time during the winter I might be at the Hood. Then again, Bachelor and Sunriver is pretty cool. When the snow melts I sometimes head to the Gorge. Now these guys rock: slam a screaming jibe, roll into a aerial, and disappear deep-in-the-hole for some serious slashing and shredding. (I have no clue what I just said.) Yeah baby!  

Some times I catch the Art Bell Show on late night Talk Radio. Once in a while, I'll veg on the couch and watch the X-files, South Park, or catch a Movie or a vid for back up. But if you look at the code of this web page, you can see, I spend way too much time on this Computer!!! Well, I've got to go change a light bulb.

Hey, what did we learn today?

You can spend way too much time on computers.
Just because its colorful doesn't mean its meaningful,
and finally, never use your fork on your buttload.

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