The First Underground Camera on Line!

About the Mystery Hole®? The Mystery Cam®

Inside the Hole
The Mystery Vortex

Enter the most extraordinary discovery in recent history. Is it a myth? Or is it real? Never seen before pictures. Authorities are comtemplating it's existence. Scientists are looking into the possiblities of a wormhole or black hole phenomenon. Explore the secrets of the Superunknown as you explore inside the Mystery Hole.

Unusual photo taken by visitor during meteor shower.

See updated photos inside the Mystery Vortex located deep inside the Mystery Hole. The first "Underground" Camera on the Internet, the Mystery Cam has captured many unusual occurrences causing voyeurs to contemplate the very existence of reality as we know it. Beware, personal revelations await those who gaze into this phenomenon.

Best viewed with both eyes

new studies have brought global interest when special microphones were installed deep inside the Mystery Hole. Mysterious audio feed creates atmosphere of peculiar noises; deep rumbles of ghostly distant sounds fade in and out. Turn up your speakers and listen to a live feed when using special software. If you hear an electrical pulse as you read, software is installed. If not, special plug-in required. Best viewed with Netscape 4.0+.

Enter the Mystery Vortex here.

Voyeurs never see reality quite the same after prolonged exposure to the mystery vortex located deep within the Mystery Hole® . . . .

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