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A Tour Beyond the Edge of CyberSpace

Last update 8/28/99

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Before you begin to explore the underground, you may need some useful tools to fully exploit your cyberspace experience. Included on this web page are some tips on how to make your Internet surfing more user friendly. Fortunately, alot of tools are free, so grab while the grabbing is good.

Between the idea and the reality falls the Shadow.

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  • !!! DANGER !!!

    Deadly Computer Viruses

    Viruses, bugs, or undocumented features can all play havoc with your computer. Viruses, the most deadly, will be the focus of this segment. If you have undocumented features-call your programer, if you have bugs-call the exterminator, but if you have a virus or think you might be exposed to a virus, as you probably will-read on:

      Today, there are thousands of raging viruses just waiting to infect your computer and tear up your hard drive. Every month, more and more surface and join their ranks. Their purpose: to cause chaos, destruction, and put a notch in the belt of the creator. How "cool" it must feel to take down someone's computer, or crash a large corporation network, or have your virus travel the world. The sad thing about viruses is that they were created by "people". It's hard to understand the psychology behind creating a virus, but it happens all the time. In fact, the computer "undezrground" has produced programs that let you create a virus using pull-down menus. A sad commentary within the computer community.

        Note: Some people spectulate, that "AntiVirus Companies" make these little monsters to boost sales. Others contribute the destructive critters to Hackers making a name for themselves. While others have noted that industrial terrorists use them as tools for industrial espionage. A premise for those who believe deranged scientist create biological viruses.

    Whatever the reason behind such stupidity, I highly recommend your first stop be one of these places:

  • Top Rated Virus Scanners

    The carnage created by these viruses will no doubt continue to generate new programs for detection and inoculation, so to keep your system protected stay up with the lastest info and update your system with new utilities. The best offense is a better defense.



    • Animations/Multimedia
    • Sounds
      • the BEATNIK ~ This website has been enhanced with Dolby surround sound! If you have speakers attached to your computer, download this plug-in. Go here to see if your computer is worthy. If you don't have Beatnik, You don't even . . .
      • Mp3 music with Sonique is a free audio player
      • Hear Live Nature Sounds from Green Cafe ~ Focusing on the Arts and the Environment.

    • Viewers : This is a just a short list, for more plug-ins search the web.
      • Adobe Acrobat ~ PDF Document Viewer
      • Cad Viewer ~ The Java Viewer for DWF Drawings
      • ActiveX ~ This plugin makes ActiveX controls and Microsoft applications available to Netscape Navigator users.
      • Lighting Strike ~ High-Compression Image Viewer
      • RealPlayer instantly plays live and on-demand RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealFlash animation.
    • Misc.

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    Now that you have a Web Browser and some Plug-Ins, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Internet Browsing...

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  • SOME COMMON ERROR EXPLANATIONS: [Table of Contents] [Underground Links]


    The X files

    Quick note on downloading stuff from vendors who want your information before you can download their products. Use the mighty X. That's right, subsitute at least 6 x's (xxxxxx) in all fields that require information, i.e. NAME: xxxxxx; email:; in the phone number field: (xxx xxx-xxxx) and so on. You can download almost anything with no spam.

    Internet Utilities

    • Heres a great tool: ICQ . . . look me up "Edge"
        ICQ, by Mirabilis, is a user-friendly program for the Internet that lets you know when your friends or business associates are online. You can send messages, files, URLs, and more. My UIN# is 2571475.
      • Here is a cool plug-in with ICQ, Qtalk. You can talk to anyone free over the internet, there is a 5 minute limit with trail versions, but so what-just call back.
    • Do you need help learning how to download stuff from the internet? Click here - Downloading 101
    • Europa's IP Kit ~ The Internet's best software package.
    • Jim Knopf
    • Let Mikie try it
    • Using a Mac? Try MACupdate
    • The Linux Applications and Utilities Page
  • Windows Products
  • Games on the Net
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    • If you don't have an e-mail address, no problem, Yahoo or Hot Mail offers "free" e-mail accounts!
    • News Service by E-mail. Send a e-mail to and include commands like "GET" in the "body" of your message with these URL's: Use the copy and paste feature to expedite the task. These pages are updated everyday so you can e-mail agora everyday for new info-that is if this program is working. You can reference the FAQ if you have questions.
    • TPC FAX on the Internet ~ Send a FAX by e-mail or by Web Page
    • Subscribe to mailing lists via e-mail. Simply pick a subject you want to stay informed on and e-mail a mailing list and include the word "subscribe" in the comments.
      • ie. For the lastest info in the world of security, e-mail "" and include the word "subsribe" with your e-mail address
      • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) ~ send e-mail to and include "subscribe" with your e-mail address.
    • Speaking of security, your e-mail is not private, hackers can view it with little fuss. So you want might want to download Pretty Good Privacy.
    • RSA Security Solutions
    • Adult Material a problem?
        Many adult businesses are trying to take your money and have clever ways of inticing you to visit their web sites. The porn parasites pick domain names that are simular to popular domain names, (ie. is the White House. But, is porn & the U.S. Geological Survey is but is porn). Don't go there, just be aware. So watch your spelling & institutions, you may end up seeing bodies of flesh instead of bodies of water. If you sign up with these parasites, they sell your e-mail address to other web-porn companies and then your e-mail inbox gets flooded with advertising and crap. Go to Cyber Patrol or SurfWatch for the leading Internet filtering products.


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    • Don't screw around with snails, need help? Visit Curt!
    • Get at least a 56K bps modem
    • See if your area provides a DSL connection ~ My local service provides USWEST MegaBit Service. You may have a different service, but DSL provides 250K bps on the same line. Try to ping your web server to see your connection speed, type command in the run window of your start bar. Then, type: ping, or what ever your server may be. I get about time=25-35 ms, that is mil-seconds. Thats pretty fast!


    • SKIP THE GRAPHICS ~ if your surfing for Info. Uncheck the autoload images box from the options menu to turn off the graphics. You don't miss much because you can click the image placeholder if you want to view the picture.
    • INCREASE YOUR CACHE SIZE ~ Memory cache saves data to your RAM (default=600k). Disk cache saves data to your hard drive(default=5mb). Double it, if that affects your computer too much, then decrease it.
    • TOUR OFF HOURS ~ When the lines get busy, the access slows down. Surf when others are asleep, at work, or stuck in a traffic jam. Remember the time zones, the earth is round you know.
    • USE THE BEST SEARCH ENGINE ~ Alta Vista Rulz!
    • USE BOOKMARKS ~ for fast reference and to log your passwords and log-in's to various sites. Use the comment section under the edit command.
    • Learn to build your own web site.

    Now that you've pillaged the Internet, it's time to explore the outer limits of CyberSpace. This is where it starts getting Weird.

    Make use of the "BACK" button if you get to far out there, and have fun!

  • !!! SPOON !!!


    Enter with caution...