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Deep with-in the forest of the Hawaiian Islands live a spieces of insect some consider mythical creatures of hawaiian folklore and legend. We have found these creatures go way beyond myth and folklore. They are living legends amusing and terrorising locals and tourists who venture deep with-in the Hawaiian forests. We were able to capture these creatures on film, but not without costing our photographers acute stomach cramps and muscle soreness, a common discomfort associated with continued exposure to these hideous creatures.
We accept no responsiblity of the possible reactions these creatures may cause those viewing these photographs. Caution: you may experience possible side effects of uncontrollable laughter as you observe the photographs on this web page. We are not responsible for any condition the viewer might develope or experience, but can only offer the healing benefits of msm, should any discomfort occur. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your viewing of the:

The Hawaiian Happy Face Spiders

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