Birthday Weekend


Happy Birthday Mr. Burch
?A? -n- Hi
Hi -n- ?B?
First unveiling
Looks like it might float
Yes. It floated last weekend....
Told ya!
Hold on
Ok sonny. Kicker into gear.
Ok. That's fast enough.
Beautiful people love Burchcrafts.
Slow down!
Jacket makes me feel like a turtle!
Makes you look like one too, Grampa!
Jean -n- ?C?
Floats even with everyone in it.
Ok. Lets get goin.
Lemy show ya how to run a boat.
Where's the stick that puts it in gear?
Hi-Pappy rides again
Watch your speed.
That's better
oooo. I want one.
Stern view.
The insides.
Finally. Something to eat.

Sunday (Bob & I show up)

Hmm. Looks like ours.
Couldn't afford the $15 paint job?
Launching the Hi-Pappy
Launching Rosi
Launching the Hi-Pappy again
Hi-Pappy with Bob's boat in the background(Bob has never named one of his boats)
Rosi gets up to speed
Rosi's engine dies. Good photo op.
Bob's engine getting ready to die.
Old merc's are good for something. Photo ops.

Old Photo's

Pair of sportsters
Pair of sportsters(higher res)
Oh the smell of such a place. Only a woodworker can really appreciate a wood boat factory.
Hi and Pappy
24' Continental Cruiser
Vacation time

Burchcraft Homes? Hmmmmm.....
You would expect a 4th generation carpenters house to look like this.
I wonder if it comes with the chrome nameplate?

front door

Photo's from newspaper article

April 24, 1959 Aberdeen Daily World page 9 photo 1
April 24, 1959 Aberdeen Daily World page 9 photo 2, 3, & 4

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