Boating history was made when an 18-foot Burchcraft Outboard Cruiser safely transported two uranium prospectors and more than a ton of gear on a 1600-mile voyage in Alaskan waters.
     The story behind the remarkable boat that made this trip possible actually began 50 years ago. For more than a half-century, L. P. "Cap" Burch, has been building boats. Founder and president of the Burchcraft Boat Company, he is shown below, admiring with justifiable pride, the original three foot model which was to revolutionize small boat construction and make Burchcraft the West's largest manufacturer of fine small boats.
     Since creating this tiny model, the years have seen thousands of trim Burchcraft boats, built under "Cap" Burch's watchful eyes, roll out of the main plant at Aberdeen, Washington. With the development of perfect marine plywood "Cap" originated an entirely new method of small boat construction, making it possible to produce boats that were strong yet light and seaworthy, but without cross-ribs, and within the means of all. Using the plastic-surfaced, "armored" Harborite plywood, and only fore and after structural frame-work members, perfectly-shaped hulls are formed by patented* Burchcraft methods. Two sturdy Harborite panels permanently joined at the keel extend in an unbroken line from keel to gunwale. The few seams -- at keel, bow, and transom -- are permanently sealed. Upkeep is at a minimum. That's why thousands of Burchcraft owners are enjoying low-cost, carefree boating. And that's why more sportsmen, fishermen -- just plain boat lovers in the west have bought more Burchcraft than any other boat.

*Burchcraft are build under U.S. Patent Nos. 2,232,313 - 2,612,129

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