Errors in Judgement

If you ignore my mistakes then you are stupider than I

1. Do not replace your oak keel with cedar.

Although light and strong, cedar has the durability of toilet paper.
After only 6 months, I had scuffed off an eighth of an inch of wood.


The original oak keel had lost a quarter of an inch after 55 years.
How did I solve this mistake?
A solid brass false keel.
I'm not a sheet metal geek so don't ask me what gauge it is.(I'm a Burchcraft geek)
It's about an eighth of an inch thick and took about a day to install.

2. Make your trailer boat friendly

Much of the damage to my boat can be attributed to the trailer.
Mine originally had vintage rollers.

My very first fiberglassing job of the keel was nullified by this single roller from hell!
My trailer now has completely flat carpeted runners with no sharp jagged shearing blades to hack at my boat.

3. Do not assume a coat of paint will seal your boat.

If you notice a crack in your paint then sand that area down to the wood.
You may find something deeper that should not be ignored.

This rot went through all layers except the last.
I filled this with a fiberglass patch.

4. The use of hobby plywood is discouraged.

If you don't know where to obtain quality marine plywood for repair then you had either figure it out or be prepared to completely seal your hobby wood with two layers of fiberglass.


The portion of the hobby wood not covered by glass was compromised and started decaying within 6 months.
The bad wood has been removed and replaced with lots and lots of fiberglass.

5. Marine epoxy is just as usless as paint if used improperly

Glopping on epoxy to fill gaping holes is worse than nothing at all.
Just like paint, epoxy will crack and allow water to wick into your woodwork.
It's just harder to remove.
If you have to use this stuff then either use it in conjunction with fiberglass or use just enough to soak into the wood.

6. Dont assume your boat is ugly just because you can see all the flaws.

The 2003 Portland Wooden Boat Festival.

The ugly duckling that didn't go...

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