First Burchcraft Boat

L.P. "Cap" Burch, founder and president of the Burchcraft Boat Company, looks over the original three foot model, from which the first Burchcraft boat was constructed. From a small plant, with an output of only a few boats a year, the Burchcraft factory in North Aberdeen has grown into a modern manufacturing concern with a product that has gained national recognition. The Burchcraft line will be shown at the Northwest boat show in Seattle, starting today.

Veteran Boat Builder to Enter Full
Line in Annual Seattle Boat Show

Burchcraft Adds
New Model Available
This Year

   Burchcraft--Grays Harbor's lead-
ing contender for top place among
Pacific Northwest outboard boat
builders-will enter a fleet of eight
trim and seaworthy models in the
Seattle Boat Show, which opens to-
day in the Puget Sound city for a
week's run.
   As in past years, L. P. "Cap"
Burch will introduce a new model
to an ever growing line of the
latest in water craft for the sport-
sman. With emphasis on the beam,
the 14-foot "Big Fisherman" has
developed what Burch strongly be-
lieves is the modern day answer to
the needs of the sports fisherman
who has found new thrills in open
water fishing such as the lower
harbor off Point Chehalis and in
the lower Columbia river. Termed,
"Rough, Tough and Ready," the Big
Fisherman has been decked over
forward which enables the boat to
stand into rough water. A 62 inch
beam and a 22 inch freeboard allow
for more room than in any previ-
ously built craft of its type. The
reinforced transom stern has been
specially  designed  for  motors
up to 50 horsepower.
    In the 12-foot Standard Fisher-
man, Burch has once more dis-
played the inventive genius which
has made Burchcraft one of the
outstanding boats in the field. De-
signed for inland river fishing, the
Standard has been left open from
bow to stern. But in an effort, to
give sportsmen an all purpose boat,
Burch has prefabricated portable
foredecks and wheel bridges with
clamp fastenings which can be in-
stalled or taken out in a matter of
    Other units of the Burchcraft
fleet to be displayed at the Seattle
show are the 14-foot deluxe run-
about, a classic chrome trimmed
sportsmodel with mahogany deck-
ing and transom, the 14-foot stand-
ard runabout, the 16-foot standard
sports fisherman, the deluxe and
standard 14-foot fisherman and the
deluxe 12-foot fisherman.