This is Harborite... a Super-Quality Marine Plywood with two tough, abrasion resistant surfaces of plastic resin impregnated fibre that are permanently welded together.
    Giving "Armor Plate" protection, the plastic-impregnated fibre surfaces of Harborite add greatly to the strength of the already strong plywood "core." AND that very important quality,  found only in wood, "resilient life" is fully preserved. "Resilient life" is why plywood boats seem alive, and out-perform boats built of other materials. Now the new Burchcraft Harborite boats are superior to all others.
    Design tops everything in boat building. Using the best in materials is one Burchcraft feature ...Good craftsmanship is another, and Burchcraft employs skilled craftsmen... but unless a boat has proper design and proportions, its performance will be disappointing... and above all else Burchcraft excells in performance!

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