1961 12ft Runabout

Owner: Jake

I came across your site while looking for information on Burchcraft boats. I have a 12 foot runabout that was my grandfathers acquired new in 1961. He traded Mr. Burch a 14ft bruchcraft driftboat that they had lost the ptaterns for during a fire. I have been slowly restoring my boat and hope to have it on the water this august.

My dad recently talked to the Tom and Karen H. of Shelton and we were discussing the cast bow hook that met with the chines of the boat. I had a summer job working at teh Bergstrom foundry in Aberdeen one summer adn vaguely remember seeing the original tooling for them. I am hoping that I can find it again but if not, do you know of a source for one that I could take in and use to pull a new tooling? I would only need one from someone for 4 or 5 days and then would be able to make a run of 10 or so castings for other Burchcraft owners.

Thanks for creating a website that contains a wealth of long forgotten knowledge! -Jake

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