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On Long Planned Vacation Cruise

   Remember your plans for a post-war vacation?
Some of our plans didn't materialize, but one man's
   L. P. Burch left last week on his long planned trip
to Hoods Canal. He expects to be gone a month.
During that month he will cruise wherever he pleases,
his charts include the San Juan islands, too. A 16-
foot Burchcraft inboard boat has been fitted out with
a special folding canvass top. In the boat all stowed
away and leaving a surprising amount of room are
all the things he needs. There are two metal grub
lockers, a stove, dishes, a tent, sleeping bag and
mattress, cushions, oars, extra fuel, water, two an­
chors, a telescope, a compass and his charts. There is
sleeping room under the canvass top which even has
a small electric light.
    Mr. Burch expects to catch and cook lots of fish.
Big ones, he says. All the equipment is there any­
way. Well, good fishing to you. Pappy!