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9:15 PM 7/16/2007
Please don't ask where I've been for 2 years.
Lifes been exceptionally adventurous lately.

Rosi was wrecked on April 23rd, 2006 in a freak wake accident.
She was anchored at the time and the wake that rose 10 feet above river level only knocked one person down. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.
Rosi valiantly deflected quite a few logs that could have easily killed any of us on the beach that day.
Her 250lb carabiner anchor link held on for dear life until it finally unpeeled like butter.
Rosi was found in this condition 700 feet up river.

This is not to say a single one day incident could keep me away from the website for two years. This was just one of many "incidents".

Just a quick update:
I now own 4 Burchcrafts(and 1 stray Glen-L).

Charlie is the 16' Cabin Cruiser listed on the owners page under Dan G. & Tanna Lee of Vancouver Washington.
Trista and Rosi are 14' Standard Fishermen, mid 1940's vintage.
Cathy Ann is the 14' Big Fisherman I purchased from Thom of Seattle Washingon.

One last note:
I do plan on restoring Rosi.

10:55 AM 9/25/2005
Finally added the pictures by the Burch's from Henry's Birthday party.

10:13 AM 9/17/2005
Added note to original site page.
Removed Richards boat from the for sale list.
Gary Milgard's Burchcraft nearly kills his father.(Lessons: Never overpower your Burchcraft. Always wear a life jacket if you don't know how to swim. Don't let drunks operate your boat. Even if it is your dad. Especially if it's your dad.)

6:36 PM 9/12/2005
Henry (Hi) Burch's 90th Birthday Party was both a blast and a wealth of new information.
Next time I will have to hang a tape recorder around his neck(as well as the rest of the family) as he was welling up so much information to so many people, I just couldn't keep up.

Information added:
Tom and Karen of Shelton Washington
1944 14ft Big Fisherman

Sept 11, 2005 (Henry "Hi" Burch's 90th Birthday Party) pages updated:

10:34 AM 3/19/2005
On my first ever trip to the Portland Boat Show in 2005, I only found two things that interested me; Ray De Fir, and his boats
Besides building some incredible boats, he has lived one hell of an enviable life.

8:46 PM 2/21/2005
Two owners added to the owners list

5:19 PM 1/2/2005
1949 14ft Standard Fisherman

1:44 PM 12/19/2004
Removed TLC from OEM page.
Changed my mind on several pages highlighted on my new Errors in Judgement page.
Sorry if I mislead anyone. But then again, I did have that disclaimer at the top of the page:"...I do not imply in any way that I know what the hell I am doing..."

9:20 PM 12/18/2004
added Boat lengths by year registered in Washington state
added two owners
added Phil's new Burchcraft
added other links:
Phil's non-Burchcraft
Eric's Lucky Devil website
Bob's non-Burchcraft
Jim's Burchcraft Ski Flyte and website
My new Mark 10
and non-Burchcraft
And my friends non-Burchcraft sitting next to my fisherman.

8:54 PM 11/29/2004
added The current Burch family
Terry has informed me that they indeed did make a few fiberglass boats.
Stay tuned.
Bob and I are about to go see Henry and the rest of the family.
And given that there are still craftsmen in the family. Perhaps I will commission a 2005 Burchcraft!

12:18 PM 3/13/2004
added 3 1956 Mercury Boat House Bulletins

11:40 AM 3/13/2004
added name that other famous wooden boat game

11:15 AM 3/13/2004
added Rick and Bo Kendall of Bothell Washington to owners page

11:09 AM 2/8/2004
added Jorge to owners page

1:09 PM 9/20/2003
!!!! Burchcraft Day !!!!
Bob's maiden voyage
Sept 13 2003

1:30 PM 8/17/2003
courtesy: Phil Sailz

7:12 AM 8/8/2003
Added another famous old boat
Photo submitted by Bob Richardson.
Taken in March 1970 in San Rafael CA on Canal Street.

7:17 AM 8/8/2003
Critical mass? Two Burchcrafts within 20 feet of each other

10:28 PM 8/6/2003
Added webmasters seaworthy boat

1:43 PM 3/9/2003
modified the death page. Added text and more photo's
added another picture of webmasters boat
added a picture of prototype bow light
changed steel to brass on the OEM page
added personal notes to the Burchcraft owners page
added 2 pages to repairs, parts, and apparatii photo page:

6:57 AM 3/5/2003
A resource for local Portland Oregon wooden boaters:

3:56 PM 3/2/2003
added a picture of navigation lights
The webmaster is designing his own high tech, high output LED with solid mahoghany frame bow light.

3:52 PM 3/2/2003
added another picture of the webmasters boat taken May 1992

11:00 AM 3/2/2003

added boat part nomenclature page.

6:53 PM 3/1/2003
added a message board link re: leaks from
added a message board link re: I got a new Birchcraft from
added a message board link re: I have a burchcraft and lots of old boat motors from

6:17 PM 3/1/2003
added two photos:

12:56 PM 3/1/2003
added the How to save your Burchcraft from certain death page

11:10 AM 2/16/2003
added another burchcraft owner

10:16 AM 2/8/2003
Links page added

7:01 AM 2/4/2003

Bob wants me to convert my boat from a Fisherman into a Sportsman Runabout

Since the basic dimensions are the same as my boat and the only major modification will be the addition of the crossmember(which I already have the material for) and two seat backs, I think I will proceed.

9:15 PM 1/25/2003

added phil's pics
added second patent
added 2 document's
moved everything around

38 photo's added or modified
17 individual pages added or modified

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