1944 18 footer

Owners: Robert
Location: Napa California

November 10, 2009

Hello. Robert here in Napa, CA. We have a 1944 Burchcraft that is of the 18 foot varietal. If the website is correct that would mean we may have the oldest, largest surviving vessel. We run it in our smallish Lake Hennessy 10 miles from our house in Saint Helena. We usually put it in 3 times a year just to see if she still floats. Before moving to Napa she lived in the water in Huntington Harbor, CA. Always getting looks and comments when moored or underway one time an old-timer almost fell overboard from his 50 ft Egg Harbor in passing, yelling "Is that a Burchcraft?". When answered in the affirmative he said "That was my very first boat!". He looked sad and happy at the same time... All the best. R.E.E, MD

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