1944 14ft Big Fisherman

Owners: Tom and Karen
Location: Shelton Washington

Sept 11, 2005
Henry "Hi" Burch's 90th Birthday Party

The oldest verified Burchcraft looks brand new. It was out of the water for 31 years, kept snug, warm, and dry in an old chicken koop, until the weekend of Sept 3rd and 4th, 2005.

View of the dashboard and seats

Looking down into the back of the boat

Midships view

Launching our boats in preparation to run a race around Spencer Lake with "Hi" cheering on from the shoreline residence of some good friends.(Race results?: Bob won, Tom(with 3 other adults(Karen(his wife), Jean("Hi's daughter)and Brian(Jean's husband) in the boat) came in a very close second, and I of course came in last(I knew Bob sold me that motor for a reason....)

Note: Tom is the great-grandson of Loren P. Burch

More images from the party can be seen the Birthday weekend page.

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