1947 Raceboat

Owner: not Drew anymore


That is my 1947 BirchCraft Race boat when its moving it skims at the top of the water from is sponsons(lil wings that are on the bow end of the boat) The deck is made from Koa wood with Walnut pin striping. It currently has a 1953 Merc motor on it. When we have our Race outboard on it she will do just under 70mph

Yea that was my old Birchcraft boat. I sold it about a month ago...My dad will get a real kick out of your page. He was a vintage boat restorer for most of his life. He restored my boat for me when I was 13... he owned a shop in seattle for many years and then got tired of running a business so he went on to work for a local shop for about 12 years that dealt with only wooden boats. He was extremely well known in the wooden boat world for his workmanship. He now is a private mechanic working on race cars. So it was very much a passion for him to work with his hands on things of great detail.


This boat was recently spotted in the Maritime Museum in Tacoma Washington.
For Sale: $3500

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