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Burchcraft Plant
Scene of Visit by
Boat Dealers

   A delegation of 20 Western Wash—
ington Burchcraft dealers were con—
ducted on a tour of inspection of
the North Aberdeen Burchcraft
plant on Tuesday of this week.
   The tour, conducted by L. P.
Burch, founder and president of
the company, featured an explana—
tion of all products going into the
manufacture of Burchcraft boats.
   Of particular interest to the
dealers was the new 18-foot Blue
Water Fisherman, designed espe—
cially for fishermen.   The new
model gives the fisherman a 360
degree fishing radius.
   A carload of Burchcraft boats,
including the new model, has been
shipped to Salt Lake City and next
week another carload is being ship—
ped to Los Angeles.
   A luncheon meeting at the Morck
hotel followed the tour of the plant.
At the meeting it was reported
1953 was the best year in the his—
tory of the company and that
prospects for the present year were