September 1 , 2014 - 0.5 Hours

My Spinner!

I wanted to create a page here to show you my awesome spinner! I'm really excited about this. I decided some time ago to go with a Catto 3-Blade Propeller. If you've been following my work, you know that my engine has a solid-crankshaft, so there will be no prop governer for constant-speed propellers. So it's fixed-pitch for me, and I'm fine with that. This propeller gets such good reviews, I'm really excited about it. So when I ordered my Finish Kit from Vans, I omitted the spinner. I wasn't sure at that point what I was going to do, and I figured I could pick up a spinner at any time. Then, in conversations with Catto, I learned that they will pre-cut the spinner for me and have it ready to just bolt on. Neat! I decided to spend a bit of extra money here, because it's one thing to precisely cut your spinner for 2 blades that are horizontally opposed. But getting precise cut-outs for 3 blades, and the angles just right, and everything centered so the spinner won't 'wobble' when it turns, just intimidated me enough to let them do the job. They have the jig and tools to do a precise job. The extra they charge to do this is reasonable. So I ordered my spinner and the support plates from Catto, and this is it! I pulled her out today and clecoed it on, and here are a couple of nice shots! Wow! How about this!

Catto did an outstanding job, and I'm really pleased. This baby looks like it's ready to paint. Time will tell. The only thing I had to do was trim the back end just a bit. As it came out of the box, the spinner overhung the aft edge of the plate a little bit, and I carefully sanded it back so it's flush with the plate. There will be a 1/4" gap here, between the spinner and the nose of the cowl, so having it carefully sanded back was important at this point. Here's a nice shot of my Saber spacer down in there, I couldn't be happier at this point. It's really neat seeing how these parts all stack up.

For those of you not quite sure what a Catto 3-blade prop looks like (I don't have mine yet to show you), here's a nice picture, on a beautiful finished RV. WOW!

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