October 12 , 2014 - 2.0 Hours

More Fitting of the Top & Bottom Cowl Sections

After a tremendous amount of effort and a lot of work, I finally have the top and bottom halves of the cowling nesting together on the front end. But the problems aren't all solved. It seems now that the circle I was aiming for on the front of the cowl is not in one plane. I laid my straight-edge sanding bar across the front. There was a big gap underneath in the middle, right where the two halves come together. This picture was actually taken later, after I had much of the problem solved. I didn't get a picture of how bad it was at first. But in the middle where they come together, there was a huge gap! So how do you fix that?

I realized that the back end may need to squish together more, and that would help on the front end to flatten it out. So how do you do that? And how much do you move them together. Well, after some head-scratching, I got out my tape measure and measured the distance on the firewall from the top hinge to the bottom of the firewall flange. That's how far apart the top and bottom edges of the cowl need to be. So I stood the cowl up on the floor, put the tape measure underneath the cowl, and measured. Yep, they were too far apart. So I pushed the top and bottom halves together until this measurement was correct. I knew this was only a close approximation, but I wanted to see how it would help.

Once the measurement was correct, I taped the overlapping cowl halves together to hold them in place.

I taped the front halves together, too, and then put my paper disk on top.

Same picture as above, but you get the idea. Problem was mostly solved.

I thought that if it wasn't completely flat when I had it all together on the plane, I just had more sanding to do. Maybe a lot more sanding.

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