January 8, 2007

Deburring Ribs and Parts - 0.5 Hrs.

I only had a short time to work today, but I got started on the front spar for the H.S. Actually, more accurately, I started deburring some of the parts for the H.S.

One of the tasks you'll be spending a lot of time doing is deburring the edges of all the parts. It's nice to have these parts pre-cut, stamped or bent into shape, and all the rivet holes pre-punched. But they're still kind of rough around the edges. So it's necessary to deburr them. This important because it removes any stresses in the metal and eliminates the possibility of any stress-fractures developing over the course of time.

Above, one of the tools of the trade. This edge bit is part of a tool that you use to pull along the edges. It removes the sharp corners of the metal. The idea is to round the edge of the aluminum as well as smooth it. Below, after using this tool, you run the part over the spinning scotchbrite wheel to finish the job.

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