Finishing Kit

August 11, 2011

Canopy Trimming Continues - 2.5 hrs.

Today I was able to make some minor trims on the canopy, to attempt to get it to fit like a glove against the canopy skin on the forward end. You can see by these scraps, that these trims are small and carefully made.

I'm also preparing the original canopy for the "big cut". I finally have the front end of it fitting very nicely. Along the way, I discovered that the most effective, valuable tool for deburring, smoothing, and careful fitting is my vixen file! Believe it or not, this things really works great on plexi. I know a lot of people use an electric or air sander, but this tool really works and leaves a very nice smooth surface on the plexi. As long as it is, it easily eliminates small errors in cutting and leaves a nice flat edge. Especially the coarse side. This picture shows it in use, but an even more effective method is to turn the file around so you're pulling it toward you. Your thumb placed as seen here keeps it from slipping off and scratching the canopy. I plan on using some fine grades of sandpaper for the final deburring and smoothing when I'm done, but for now this works out very well.

After several times on and off the airplane for final fitting, the original canopy is pretty much ready to cut.

I placed it on the airplane and taped it down tightly before marking the line for the cut. You can see the black line if you look close. I don't have time today to do this cut, but maybe tomorrow.

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