Finishing Kit

August 12, 2011

The Big Cut - 2.0 hrs.

Today is the day for the big cut, on my original canopy. Even though the front is cracked and I won't be using it, I'm still using all the care and precaution I can, because I need the back piece. I also want the experience before making the same cut on the replacement canopy. So I started out by laying down about 3 layers of masking tape on either side of the sharpie mark that I made yesterday. This leaves a groove of sorts to help guide you while making the cut.

Here's a closeup, showing the tape and the cut line marked and ready to go.

Cutting disk in hand, I proceeded slowly and carefully. A little while later, here we are. This turned out very well. No problems.

It feels good to have the back window rough-cut and ready to finish. I'll set it aside for now, though.

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