Finishing Kit

August 27, 2011

The Canopy Frame Brace Kit - 3.0 hrs.

I'm tired of deburring aluminum edges, especially ones that you can't just run on the scotchbrite wheel. But I'm seriously getting down to the final stretches of it with this airplane. So I jumped in and started work on these parts today. I peeled the blue vinyl off and got after it. The middle piece, on the left, was easy. Just run it on the wheel. The two on the right require seemingly endless amounts of time with careful hand work to get the edges cleaned up. All 3 pieces needed a small scotchbrite wheel in the die grinder used to deburr the edges of the lightening holes. I got all the deburring done on the middle part and one of the others. The other one will wait until next session. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm going to bend the inside edges of these holes, as described in the plans.

For a nice break from the monotony of deburring, I took some time today to fab the lift handle for the canopy, seen in the lower right of the picture here. It was fun to make some nice curves, instead of the stock square look shown in the plans.

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