Finishing Kit

February 12, 2012

Painting Session - 3.5 hrs.

Over the last week or so, I've had bits of time here and there to finish getting ready for a painting session. Today was the day to go after it. I haven't shot any paint for a long time, but once I got started it was all familiar again. I have to say once again how much I love this JetFlex paint! Water-based, easy to use and clean up, no fumes or paint booth needed. I can spray it right here in my garage in the middle of winter, a few feet away from the kitchen door. A simple shield, tarp, or paper behind the area I'm shooting keeps it off surfaces I don't want it on. Anyway, here's my canopy frame after the finishing touches. All the interior painting on it is done now. Very nice! This obviously has to be done before I SikaFlex the canopy in place. Just carefully mask off the bare aluminum where the Sika will be applied, if you're getting ready to do this.

Here's a shot of the finished bulkhead covers. I also painted the ball stud mounts and spacers, seen here clecoed together. Details, details. Earlier this week I scuffed, cleaned and primed the glare shield and the back sides of the side skirts. I'm still undecided about how to finish the glare shield, but it occurs to me that I need to get it done BEFORE I glue the canopy in place! I may paint it flat black, but no matter what I decide, I thought it's a good time to prime it.

I also painted the angles for the canopy latch, seen here clecoed back in place. See what I mean about a painting job? I'm not going to rivet them on until I make a decision about whether or not to install an airplane lock.

Then of course, I painted the flanges on the bulkhead. I'm happy now that this detail is taken care of. The remaining gold-anodized surfaces will not be seen once the covers are riveted on.

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