Finishing Kit

February 17, 2012

Upper Canopy Latch Handle - 2.5 hrs.

The next item on the list of seemlingly never-ending details for this canopy is the upper Canopy Latch Handle. This is another item that obviously should be done before the canopy is installed on the frame. I messed up the first block by drilling a hole slighly off, so I drove down to Vans to pick up a new one and some other items. Here's the second attempt, drilled and installed. The washer that sits on top needs to be slightly filed off on the back side so it will fit in place against the canopy frame. I won't drill the hole for the cotter pin until the canopy is actually finished, so I can allow the correct clearance distance on the bottom, against the roll bar behind the canopy. I hope that makes sense.

While I was there, I also bought another pair of side skirts for the canopy frame. Earlier, I had marked them for 1/4" trim across the top so they match up on the ends against the aft fuselage skin, and the forward canopy frame skin. Well, I found out the hard way that it isn't a straight line and you end up cutting too much off if you do it this way. I wanted them to match the gentle curvature of the canopy frame, so I did them over. I didn't take pictures. It's not a noticable difference unless you really look at it. But it was bugging me, and I didn't want it to bother me every time I looked at the canopy. The new ones were cheap enough to make this an easy decision.

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