Finishing Kit

March 18, 2012

Another Painting Session - 3.0 hrs.

Am I EVER going to get this canopy finished? Well, first things first. Another thing that has occurred to me is that before I glue the canopy, I should have the subpanel, ribs, and related parts riveted to the fuselage. Any tiny fitting adjustments that this will cause need to be dealt with before going any further with the canopy, so this should be done first. When I was contemplating all of this, I realized that the sub-panel is all visible when the canopy is tipped up. And it has never been painted. Only primed. So to avoid the funny look of having my interior painted but these parts just primed grey, it was time to finish them. So I pulled all this stuff out of the forward fuse, and spent the evening doing another painting session. Seen below is the sub-panel, with one aft riblet cut off (it will need to be moved to accomodate a 10-inch EFIS screen in my panel). Not seen, is the touch-up done on the canopy frame, on the epoxy filler I put in last night. It came out just fine.

The other two parts are for my map box. I bought a map box kit back on December 28th, and I've been working on it here and there. So while painting all this stuff, I painted the map box parts, too. More on the map box project later... so far I've drilled the box halves together, deburred the holes, and scuffed, cleaned, and primed the parts. Nothing too exciting.

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