Finishing Kit

March 23, 2012

The Glare Shield, Vinyl Work continued - 2.0 hrs.

I know I'm bouncing around here, from task to task, but it's back to the canopy frame, and the vinyl covering for the glare shield. I just want to get this done. At this point in the project, it's very easy to lose your focus and go 1,000 different directions. I'm trying really hard to avoid that and stay focused, because I know that if I get too scattered, it's very hard to know what to do next. You feel like you're aimlessly wandering around and nothing ever gets done. It would be nice to just go on a straight line, but things do get more diverse at this stage of the game, and the directions are less and less clear. I haven't looked at the instructions in the manual for several months now. Some of that comes from deviating from the plans, doing Sikaflex instead of the traditional canopy attachment method. But generally speaking, I really want to finish a task before moving on to another one whenever possible.

So I want to get this glare shield finished. I cut out the vinyl the other night, but then found I needed to fill in under the skin with the epoxy filler. Now that's done and I can wrap up this project. Seen below is a paper template I made showing how I would like to wrap the vinyl around and under the skin and cover it as shown here. I think this will look really nice when it's finished.

I used this paper template to make the final trim on the vinyl material. The white tapes were applied so I could draw sharpie lines shows where the vinyl will fold over the aft end of the skin on the glare shield.

This is now ready to put on the glare shield. I'm going to use my 3M spray adhesive for the job.

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