Finishing Kit

July 3, 2012

The Canopy Fairing - continued - 3.0 hrs.

Sanding, sanding, and more sanding. That's basically what I did today. But now we're really getting somewhere, and it's really starting to look nice. I put away all my rough grit sandpapers and started today with 150 grit. You can see how well this curve on my sanding block works for the transition I'm trying to achieve. Once again, my objective was to sand the hard resin smooth, and bring it down to the level of the PVC tape.

Here's a shot of the right side. I'm trying to fill in a low spot on the canopy skin, so the black epoxy widens at this point. I'm also sanding all the rivets, and a few low spots in the canopy skin itself. Some of the rivets on the front of the canopy skin near the center are already covered with the resin, and it would look funny to have some showing and some not showing, so I've decided it will look better if they're all filled in. So this is the prep work.

Here's what I finished with, at the end of the session.

Next time, I'll be ready to apply a thin layer for the final topcoat of epoxy.

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