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January 5, 2013

Air Vents - Installing the SCAT tubing - 2.0 Hours

All that's left now, on these air vents, is to install the SCAT tubing and tighten down a couple of clamps. Should only take a few minutes, right? WRONG. As I continue to learn, the simplest tasks can often take much longer than I anticipate. The good news is, the things I dread the most often turn out to be non-events! So anyway, today I decided to just get it done, and hook up the tubing so I can move on to something else and check this item off the list. So I pulled out the length of SCAT tube that comes in the finish kit. You have to find something that will not only cut the rubbery material, but cut through the steal ribbon that winds its way through the tube. I used my Wiss snips for that. For this installation, you want a nice clean cut as close to 90° as you can get it. That's not as easy as it sounds. But there's not much extra room on the flanges for sloppy cuts, so take your time.

So after carefully measuring and cutting, I slipped on the clamps, slipped the tubes in place, and tightened everything down. I hope I don't have to take these off. They're on for good, as far as I'm concerned. It feels good. Here's the pilot's vent, on the left side. The panel has been removed to make the installation a bit easier:

And here's the passenger vent, on the right side:

Finally, and this has nothing to do with air vents, engines, firewall forward, or anything else. I came home from a business meeting the next day and Jamie caught me in the shop looking around. She commented that she's never seen a picture of me dressed for business, with my RV. Come to think of it, I'm sure I don't have one. I don't wear suits in my shop! But for the record, I do see some business uses for my airplane in my future, to visit clients in other cities, so here's a shot or two of me in my business best, as never seen before on this site!

As long as I'm on side notes, you may notice the missing rocker covers on my engine. I have dessicant bags in each one and duct tape over them. You'll see why very soon. I have a surprise coming! Meanwhile, here's another shot from Jamie... showing her what these things sticking out the side of the plane are for (how easily she forgets!). They're the steps!

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