September 26 , 2008

Started the Fuselage Kit - 3.5 Hrs.

Well... I'm finally starting on the fuselage kit. I took a couple of weeks after finishing the wings to clean up around here and take care of some household things that have been waiting for my attention. But today I started work on the firewall. Much of my time was spent hunting for all the right parts in my inventory. I have to figure out a way to get more organized, but the packing list that came with the kit is helpful. Some of the little stiffener plates were inside a bag with all the rivets and hardware bags, and I don't know how I would have ever found them without checking the packing list. Anyway, I managed to get the F-601J brackets fabricated, and most of the firewall clecoed together. I'm having fun again!

Here are the angle stock pieces, marked at 3" length, ready for cutting. I set up the band saw. Cutting these was a breeze.

Next, you measure, mark, and cut off the designated corners to finish the brackets.

Here they are, rough cut. Below, after deburring and polishing on the scotchbrite wheels.

After hunting down all these parts, here's the firewall mostly clecoed together. There's one more angle to fabricate, that goes across the middle just below the cut-out. Then this can all be match-drilled.

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