October 10, 2008

More work on F-704 Bulkhead - 4.5 Hrs.

The work on the F-704 bulkhead goes on today. I drilled and installed the snap bushings on the main bulkheads. These holes will eventually carry electrical wires, etc. through to the front of the plane. I also dug out my long close-tolerance bolts (that will eventually bolt the wings to this bulkhead) and used them to fit the vertical parts and thick stiffener blocks, F-704G's, in place. Then I match-drilled everything and disassembled it all for deburring. The F-704G blocks were countersunk, and riveted in place. You can't see them in the photo below. They're on the back side.

Moving on, the next thing on the schedule is drilling these F-633 brackets in place. These are carefully measured, one hole drilled, and then they are bolted in place on one end, squared in place to the spar, and the other end drilled. If you look closely, you can also see where I marked the hatched area that will be cut out of these to lighten them up, now that they are fitted and drilled.

That's a stopping point for the night.

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