October 18, 2008

More Bulkhead Assembly - 1.5 Hrs.

I worked some more on the F-704 Bulkhead today. The first step was to drill out the holes in the bulkhead to 1/4" for the bolts that hold the F904-J spacers. These little tubular spacers separate the two halves of the bulkhead assembly a precise distance. I made them a few days ago. Bolts hold the two halves of the assembly together with the spacers sandwiched in between them

Funny thing is, the forward bulkhead had the holes already drilled to 1/4" in size, so I only needed to enlarge the holes in the aft section. Then I dug out the bolts and loosely bolted the two halves together for the first time. About all that remains for me to do on this assembly is to make spacer blocks for each end. The plans call for making something out of hardwood or particleboard. The thickness must be exactly 1-7/16". I don't know where to find something that exact thickness so I'll have to make something and I'm not quite sure how to make it or what I have around here for materials. The plans don't have any suggested drawings or ideas so it must not be that critical. The only thing mentioned that is critical is the thickness. I'll have to check online and see if I can get some ideas from what other builders have done.

When I was through with this, I spent my little remaining time putting the combination of washers together that hold the control stick assembly together.

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