November 3, 2008

Measuring, clamping & drilling F-705 parts - 4.0 Hrs.

After the frustration I went through last time, it feels good to be moving on again. Tonight I continued work on the F-705 bulkhead. All the little parts that get riveted to the top surface were installed, and then taken apart for deburring, etc.

The little F-705J spacer strips that go under the F-705K plates came with no holes. To drill them accurately, you mark a line down the middle, clamp it to the underneath side of the bulkhead top piece, and drill through the pre-punched holes, clecoing as you go. Then you take it apart and deburr it, and clamp it next to the F-705K plate and drill it. Finally, it all clecos back on to the top piece as you see below.

The copper-colored clecos above and below are for larger 1/8" holes, and they hold the angle piece on to the rear of the top bulkhead piece, as you can see below.

This stuff is now ready to take apart for the final scuffing, cleaning, and priming. Then I can rivet it all together.

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