November 5, 2008

Work continues on F-705 parts - 3.5 Hrs.

My new F-705A lower bulkhead piece arrived today. I ruined the first one several days ago by drilling a big hole in the wrong place. So my first job today was to re-drill and deburr this part and install it with the rest of this bulkhead.

You can see, if you look close, that I drilled the 5/8" holes for the snap-bushings in the correct place on both sides this time. I wasn't about to make that mistake again.

Next, I installed the F-705G corner brackets on the upper corners of the bulkhead. You can't see them here because they are inside the bulkhead, but they're there. My next step is to enlarge the top middle hole above to create a channel in the bracket that matches the one in the bulkhead. This is where the tip-up canopy latches shut. You can see the black line drawn on the bracket, drawn through the slot in the bulkhead. I'll take the bracket out and finish the part on the workbench.

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