November 18, 2008

More work on F-706 - 1.5 Hrs.

Well, I should have done this before riveting the F-706 together. In my enthusiasm to get this bulkhead finished, I rushed ahead into riveting after I had the parts primed. But it's not a big deal. It would have been a little bit easier to drill these holes beforehand, that's all.

These are the 5/8" holes drilled with my unibit for the snap-bushings. Electrical wiring will pass through these bushings for all the stuff in the tail. At least the bellcrank channel on the left was only clecoed on. It was easier to mark it as you can see, take it off, and enlarge the hole to nearly fit. Then I clecoed it back on and trimmed it some more with my dremmel tool. Final smoothing and fitting was done with a fine round file. Then a Q-Tip dipped in primer to prime it. Finally, the snap bushings are pressed into place. NOW the F-706 is finished.

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