November 22, 2008

Deburring and prep work - 3.0 Hrs.

Tonight I pulled out all the parts for the remaining bulkheads. They're getting smaller and simpler as we work our way toward the tail. I'm glad they have us do the hard ones first. This is getting easier and faster. The F-707 and F-708 bulkheads are simple 2-piece rings. They need deburring, some holes drilled for snap bushings, and the curved areas need fluting to flatten them. Then it's the usual scuffing, cleaning, and priming and they'll be riveted together. This should go fairly fast.

I didn't take any pictures of this chore. I got the F-707 and F-708 deburred. The F-707 is ready to clean and prime

November 24, 2008

More deburring and prep work - 2.5 Hrs.

No pictures tonight either. But I managed to finish all the deburring on all remaining bulkhead parts for the F-709, 710, 711, and 712. That's it!

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