December 3, 2008

Finished drilling the flap blocks - 0.5 Hrs.

The #10 drill bit that I ordered a while back is here, so I can drill the flap blocks to the F-705 bulkhead. When that's finished, all the bulkheads are done!

After carefully measuring and marking one hole location on each block, I clamped it in my drill press and drilled one hole. Then I put one bolt through it on the bulkhead and clamped it down in place. With my hand drill, I drilled a short pilot starter hole about 1/4" deep with a #12 bit through the other pre-punched hole in the bulkhead. Back to the drill press one more time for the second hole drilled all the way through with my #10 bit and it was done. Above, I put it on with both bolts to check and make sure everything was right. I won't torque these nuts on just yet. They're on just barely finger tight just to check the length of the bolt.

Here's the one on the other side. Once I knew they fit correctly, I took them off and put them in storage with the flap motor and other parts. They would be in the way of skin riveting so they can't be left on. They'll be installed later on when the plane is assembled. The bulkheads are now FINISHED!

Next, I took a few moments and pulled my longerons out of inventory, along with the J-channels. They've been hanging in storage from my ceiling for many months, since they came with the wing kit. It's finally time to make use of them.

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