December 11, 2008

Work on the Aft Canopy Deck parts - 2.0 Hrs.

The next step is to drill these curved parts, F-721B, to the longerons. Actually, I used them during the bending process to bend the curve in the longeron more accurately than you can make it using the cardboard and paper template alone. I used the cardboard template to get the curve as close as I could, then used this part for the final adjustments to get it as close as possible before drilling. So I spent the time to deburr these parts. The plans call for some trimming on the aft end of this piece also, and I'm not sure if I trim them now or later. I'm also not sure if you trim both sides the same way or if one side is different. There appears to be some connection with the tip-up canopy, that's why I'm wondering if both sides are made the same way. So I won't cut them for now until I know for sure. So for now, I'll just drill them to the longerons.

My careful work bending the longerons seems to have paid off. I taped a .032" shim to the longeron to simulate the thickness of the skin, and then clamped and drilled the part to the longeron.

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