December 23, 2008

A bit of Priming, more deburring - 3.5 Hrs.

Today I worked on the bottom skins and the J-channel stringers.

I removed vinyl on the bottom surface along a line where the side skins overlap the bottom skin. This area needs to be primed before riveting the two skins together, and now is the best time. So I deburred the edges of the skin, scuffed this up, cleaned it, and primed it. When the primer was dry, I deburred all the holes on the inside surface. I'm going to scuff and prime the inside surface of this skin before dimpling. It's much harder to clean and scuff it after all the dimples are done.

I scuffed and primed the inside of the little F-778 tailcone skin, too. Then I worked on the J-channel stringers. I pulled off all the vinyl, deburred the edges of the metal, and scuffed them in preparation for priming. I'm going to prime them first, too, before dimpling.

STILL not done with these parts, but I'm getting there.

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