December 24, 2008

Work starts on Side Skins - 1.5 Hrs.

Merry Christmas!! Can you believe I found some time on Christmas Eve to work on my airplane? I love it. After spending a wonderful evening with family, I was able to come home, sneak out here and at least get something done. I've learned that if you just keep at it, in segments long or short as you are able to work, this stuff does eventually get done.

No pictures tonight. The boring prep work continues. Tonight I started on the side skins. I got the soldering iron out and went to work de-vinyling the rivet lines on the top surfaces of the side skins. Then I pulled all the vinyl off the inside surfaces, got out my cordless drill and went to work deburring all the holes. My goal is to get this prep work done and ready to rivet while Daniel is home from college. He's a great riveting partner and I would love to have the aft fuse riveted together before he goes back to college after Jan. 3rd.

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