December 26, 2008

More Work on Side Skins - 4.0 Hrs.

The work continues on these aft side skins. I think these are the biggest pieces of aluminum I've worked with so far. Well, at least the biggest skins. The wing spars were very impressive, of course. But these are big skins. Long and flimsy.

Tools of the trade for edge finishing. Vixen file, smaller files, emery paper, die grinder with scotchbrite mini-wheels, and of course, eye protection.

Tonight I was able to finish deburring the edges of these skins. No small task, especially with the little finger-tabs on the front end, the curved recessed cover-plate areas at the very aft end, and so on. That's about it.

I also dimpled the tailcone skin. It's the first piece of the aft fuse now ready for riveting.

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