December 28, 2008

Final deburring and dimpling - 5.5 Hrs.

Today was a great day. With the difficulty of all the metal prep behind me, it was time for the final deburring and dimpling of these big skins. The J-channels were ready for dimpling, so I started with them. Easy work.

Then it was on to dimpling the big bottom skin.

Dimpling the left side skin, after deburring all the holes on the outside surface.

This big skin is ready to rivet!

By the end of this session, I touched up all the little water spots from yesterdays priming session, finished dimpling the F-706 bulkhead bottom rib, and set things up for final assembly. The aft fuse is ready to rivet together! I think my Dad is coming over tomorrow afternoon. He will get a big kick out of helping me cleco this stuff back together.

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